The Insights sales conference is crucial  as it provides a platform for networking and collaboration among sales professionals, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose. Additionally, these conferences offer valuable opportunities for training and skill development, enabling the sales team to stay updated on industry trends and enhance their selling techniques. Ultimately, the knowledge exchange and motivation gained from a sales conference can significantly boost team morale, leading to improved sales performance and overall business success.

The first part of the campaign was to create a teaser, to help start the conversation going.

We then produced an opening video for the confernce.  To inspire and set the scene of the expections.

A particularly enjoyable facet of this project stemmed from the dynamic role played by motion design in shaping the overall campaign aesthetics. While the teaser initially showcased an eye, we aimed for a more versatile approach. I took the initiative to recreate the element, allowing for customization and diverse angles tailored to various uses. This strategic move enabled us to leverage these adaptable graphics seamlessly across multiple assets, including the stage design.

Tools used: Adobe AfterEffects, Stardust

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