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I'm a freelance motion designer nestled in the picturesque landscapes of North Wales. With over 15 years of working in the creative industry, my creative journey has involved both print and pixels!

My story began in the realm of print design, where I laid the foundation for my creative exploration. Over the past decade, my focus has seamlessly shifted to the digital canvas, specialising in motion graphics and animation.

Beyond the pixels and keyframes, my heart lies in the moments spent with my my wife and two wonderful children. They are my reason to be the best I can be 

Let's go on a journey of visual storytelling together.

Feel free to reach out; I'm excited to explore the possibilities of our collaboration!

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"Steve worked on various animations for us, he listened to the brief and came back with some initial ideas which helped along with the process when trying to achieve what we wanted. He gave a professional service and stuck to the deadlines that we set and he produced a high end final piece of work. We were really happy with the way Steve worked and communicated with us. We would definitely love to work with Steve again!"

Seas Design

"Steve is an absolute pleasure to work with. For every project I work on with Steve, I'm confident he'll always deliver a high-quality and creative end product. Having someone as on the ball as Steve to help collaborate on projects has become such an asset to our business, and I couldn't recommend him enough to others. 10/10, mate."


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